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Atmospheres of Space

"Ambient Soundscapes from the Brian Eno Nebula"

A masterful ambient work by Atmospheres of Space (aka Brian Kane), "Ambient Soundscapes from the Brian Eno Nebula" at first glance makes you laugh a bit at the slightly ridiculous title; however, upon immersing oneself in the raw and unabashed soundscapes, the listener is taken on a hypnotic and imaginatively visual ride. As if one is sitting inside a starship, where the mechanized noises of the ship meet and blend with the varying environmental sounds from the great expanse of space through which the craft is sailing, you find yourself being woven into a deep space trance of sorts. Its a hypnotic record for the fact that each track has particular specifics that remain constant, which certainly provides the feeling of being alone in a cockpit with only the sounds of interstellar space and the machines on board. We certainly look forward to more records from Atmospheres of Space!