our ambient mission

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the team - 

paraflux is run by a small team of highly dedicated individuals who all put music and aesthetics first.   


submissions -

artists who are interested in submitting music to us, please contact us at parafluxrecords@yahoo.com with the subject "A&R." Thanks.

the label - 
ours is a quest to foster and release albums from some of the most progressive ambient music artists. 

specialization -
we focus on space ambient, traditional ambient, guided mediations and soundscape aural expressions.

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Atmospheres of Space

"Ambient Soundscapes from the Brian Eno Nebula"

Atmospheres of Space

"Ambient Works: Soundscapes of the Celestial Union

Lost Transmissions of The Forgotten Spaceman

"A Starcraft Space Journey - Ambient Textures of

Interstellar Space"

Klaus Lofgren

"Ambient Space - Start Diffusion"